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  • Updated Dates for January Introductory Workshop!
    We’ve had to move this workshop from the 10th of January to the 15th of January. There are still places available, but make sure you book soon as they sell …
  • Training Updates
    Community Course We have updated the dates of our 2022 community courses as there were some discrepancies. Clinical Course Our 2022 clinical courses are booking out FAST! Our first three …

What is AAT?

Animal-Assisted Therapy utilises animals within therapy sessions to achieve specific goals. Dogs communicate through body language facilitating clients with social difficulties communicating with other people. Dogs also provide instant feedback regarding a person’s mood, behaviour and communication methods. Read more about AAT here.

Therapy Dogs

Expert Trainers

We have a full roster of experts on Animal-Assisted interventions in various fields. Read their Bios here.

Sam and her Dogs
Sam and her Dogs

What courses do we offer?

We currently offer an Introductory Workshop, Clinical Course, Community Course, and Early Development Workshop for Puppies.

The Introductory Workshop is six hours long, runs on Zoom and gives you a basic idea of the concepts involved in Animal-Assisted Therapy. The Clinical Course is five days over five weeks and is for Bachelor educated professionals. The Community Course is for volunteers and community workers. The Puppy Workshop prepares puppies for better success in the more advanced courses. All courses require participants to have their own dogs. Therapy Dogs Australia does not supply dogs to participants.