Therapy Dog & Handler Training

Therapy Dog & Handler Training

Therapy Dog & Handler TrainingTherapy Dog & Handler TrainingTherapy Dog & Handler Training

Courses based on current research, delivered by qualified and experienced allied health and dog training professionals. 

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Therapy dog and handler training designed for existing health professionals, and educators who are interested in the field of Animal Assisted Therapy. Our mission is to assist in creating human-canine therapy teams by equipping people with the skills and confidence required to include their dogs in their daily practice in a manner which is safe and ethical for their dog and their clients. 

What is a Therapy Dog?

A Therapy Dog is a dog which has been trained with their handler (usually their owner), to provide therapeutic intervention to another person in the community (e.g. allied health client, school student, nursing home resident).

Please note, we do not train assistance dogs or companion dogs.

Sonny & Nala

Check out Therapy Dogs Sonny & Nala on Channel 9 News - also featuring Elouise & Lola.


Clinical Therapy Dog & Handler Training


Animal-Assisted Interventions training for dog & handler teams. Suitable for Bachelor trained professionals. 

Community Therapy Dog & Handler Training


Animal-Assisted Activities training form dog & handler teams. Suitable for community volunteers & Certificate /Diploma trained professionals.

Introductory Workshop


Are you looking to find out more about this industry? Need advice on choice of dog/breed? This is the place to start!

Group Train & Re-Assessment Days


Teams are re-assessed  every 12 months at a minimum. 

Pre-Course Assessments


Bring your dog along for a 1hr pre-course assessment, to help determine if our courses are right for you. 



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