Due to COVID-19 this course will be offered online - Introductory Workshop

Location: ​ZOOM

Cost: $269.50 (incl.GST), 9am-3.00pm 

This is an introduction to Animal Assisted Therapy for all allied health providers, and students - with particular focus for Psychologists & Occupational Therapists, however Social Workers, Counsellors and the like will also benefit. If you are interested in starting your journey towards working with an animal, or just want to find out more about the field, then this is the workshop for you. Samantha & Jess are passionate about helping to build this field on strong foundations by creating a very safe and professional service for clients. This workshop will provide you with the building blocks to start your journey.

Our own trained Therapy Dogs will be present at all workshops. 

Topics that will be covered include:
What is Animal Assisted Therapy - What it's not
What is the Human-Animal Bond
Which species can be worked with
AAT & Psychology
​AAT & Occupational Therapy
Ethical considerations – for you, your client & your animal. 

 Legal considerations
Animal selection & training standards​
Practical demonstrations  
 Logistics – how do you do this
Summary of some of the costs involved in this industry
 Discussion time – Q&A based on each participant’s specific situation. 

Payment Information:
Payment is made via PayPal at the time of booking.  All payments are non-refundable for cancellations within 14 days of the date of the workshop. 

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